Behind the Scenes with 'Silhouette Tree of Life'

Silhouette Tree of Life

 A tree made of peoples bodies,

Life she embodies,

May I speak,

Eloquently as I seek...


To deliver these words gently,

Into your life’s tapestry,

A little space in the in-between,

To let all things breathe…


And truly be seeen!

Ah yeee! 🌟

I’m here to connect with you my on-line community and family! 

...This Tree!


Where we all build and grow together,

All of life in unity tether!

Grow forth with love, and trust we must! 

Integration of Grace…


Into your mainframe lives,

Comes a smiling face!

No divide,

We shall thrive!

Yes, This life is a bliss,


With which we are blessed,

It must be sung,

Be sure also to rest,

Some bells cannot be unrung!


Natures calling,

For us all to have some fun,

Under this omnipresent Sun! 

Where peace invites us,

To be one!

 Imogen 23.10.23



'Silhouette Tree of Life' was originally pencilled on an A2 piece of paper,

 then pen and inked, in 2010. The original was about 50 x 70cm.

This Tree of Life design was originally commissioned by a lovely friend Elsa in Byron Bay wanting an image of a tree made of peoples bodies.

 It speaks of the interconnectedness of all life and we as community!

 I thank her to this day for her request which instigated this design.

Her intention was to reproduce the image in some form. I knew very little about copyright then and charged a minimal fee for the original with no parameters as to printing rights.  I was rushing in prep for my road trip back to FNQ.

There are many different interpretations of this concept in the net and elsewhere, so in the end this piece was my own unique interpretation.

 It was also the blueprint I later expanded into the huge hand-painted banner (Approx.285 x 310 cm) "Drawing Inspiration'.
Going through a marriage break up at the time and feeling the loss of so much, I was trying to establish my worth as an artist and a person.

I felt the need to reclaim my work, as my friends reproductions didn't include my name and it didn't sit well.

 The experience forced me to do my research as to normal fees etc relating to copyright. In owning my mistake, I honoured my agreement with my friend allowing her to continue printing at her will, but also informing her that I would be retaining copyright of the image to one day also print it myself.

 It took me another 10 years, but that day is finally here!



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