Behind the Scenes with White Cockatoos (part of 'Kuranda Story Mural')

The Sulphur-crested cockatoo is a large & beautiful bird. And yes, often noisy!   

But, have you ever watched the grace of their flight, the way they play with their fellow birds, or open 'hard nuts to crack'?  

 They feature in much of my work as I see them as messengers who 'keep a look out', always posting one bird higher in the tree to warn the flock of any dangers. These special birds are the totem for Kuku-Thaypan people of the Quinkan Country around Laura. They were also once the emblem on our Kuranda Primary School T-shirts growing up here!

When I find them meeting my path, gleaming & sunlit, or screeching and wheeling in the winds, depending on the characteristics of the moment, I survey my surrounds & smile as they always give me a sense of hope and feeling that spirit is with and supporting me!

 You can find Sulphur-crested cockatoos in my 'Kuranda Story Mural'

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