Stretched Canvas Print- 'Bird of Paradise'
Stretched Canvas Print- 'Bird of Paradise'
Stretched Canvas Print- 'Bird of Paradise'

Art of ION

Stretched Canvas Print- 'Bird of Paradise'

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Bird of Paradise Stretched Canvas Print.

This print is a photo of my original banner measuring 2.65m x 2.65m, hand-painted on a queen size bed sheet. It is hanging in the actual trees at a festival but has had a photoshop filter applied over the whole photo which makes it all look painterly!

These quality Stretched Canvas Prints feature original artworks by Australian artist Imogen- 'Art of ION'.

I get them made by a company in Melbourne, who can drop ship free of charge to your door anywhere in Oz! I only order them when I receive your order, so please allow 1-3 weeks for printing and shipping.

They come ready to hang in the size options I've provided for each image...              Or I can quote you on any custom size up to a max. of 2 metres! 

This is possible for any of the art works you see throughout my website.  It is also possible to order them as Wall Hangings if that is your preference!

Please feel free to get in touch...

CARE INSTRUCTIONS- If drop shipped to you these canvases come un-laquered! They are highly durable prints but only to be cleaned/wiped gently with a damp cloth if ever required. DO NOT wipe with solvents of any kind. If you are local and pick up directly from me I am able to lacquer them for you for a small fee.

(Pls note that some image files fit my printers 'standard' frame sizes, making them more affordable, while others must be custom made and therefore cost more. Where possible I have stretched dimensions of the original file to fit standard size options).

Check out my 'Artwork Stories' section for more info on the origin of particular paintings.