SMOKEY STYLES Eggplant & Choc.Fatali Chilli BBQ Sauce- 250ml

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SMOKEY STYLES Eggplant & Choc.Fatali Chilli BBQ Sauce- 250ml

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* Mid-range heat scale, 3/5...

* Home-grown Chocolate Fatali Chillies.

* ‘Purple Dancer’ Eggplants, char-grilled, as a base!

* Locally grown fresh tomatoes & bell peppers, brewed with apple, tamarind, organic molasses, caramelised onion & garlic, black sapote, spices, & a shot of spiced rum!

* All natural ingredients!

* No artificial preservatives or additives.

* Gluten free & Vegan.

* This super yummy sauce gives the perfect bit of sweet n Smokey BBQ warmth to any savoury meal!

* Our own authentic recipe, stemming from the produce that grew best in our garden!

* We brew & bottle small batches by hand in a commercial kitchen, then individually label and seal with care.

As listed in the ingredients, our sauce really does contain…“a whole lotta love!”…

“Smokin’ Hot is what you got!”

* Please note...Buy multiple bottles to get a small discount per bottle! This also helps negate postage fees within Oz! ...Keep a supply or gift to your friends! <3