'Teacher Plant Mandala' Wall Hanging/ Tapestry
'Teacher Plant Mandala' Wall Hanging/ Tapestry

Art of ION

'Teacher Plant Mandala' Wall Hanging/ Tapestry

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These beautiful quality wall-hangings feature original artworks by Australian artist Imogen- 'Art of ION'.

They are sublimation prints on strong poly-twill or satin fabric, of my large-scale hand-painted festival banners and other commissions for which I retained copyright. My answer to making these artworks more affordable and versatile then a stretched canvas!

Hang anywhere from walls to gazebos, stages, or temporary set-ups, vans, as curtains etc.
They can either be hung by the well re-enforced corner rings, or with bamboo/ dowel rods through the sleeves sewed at top and bottom.
They are strong, mould-resistant, washable, durable and will beautify any space!
They come in L =1m wide, or XL =1.45m wide, with corresponding drop.
Enliven your space!
Pls note, these are similar to what many companies on the net are referring to as a 'Tapestry', which by definition is a woven piece, rather then printed...hence I prefer not to mislead and will call them Wall Hangings! Perhaps not as exotic sounding, yet these are amazing quality, sewed individually by hand with care, no mass production to see here!

All images you see here can also be custom ordered as Stretched Canvas Prints up to 2 mtrs, if that is your preference.  Please feel free to get in touch for a quote...

Check out my 'Artwork Stories' section for more info on the origin of particular paintings.